General Parking

125 parking spaces, including private car parking spaces, motorcycle parking spaces and van parking spaces, ensure parking convenience. Papillons Square has also installed chargers for electric vehicles to support greener living. General parking fee is HK$15 / hour and Truck parking fee is HK$30 / hour.

Complimentary Parking

Monday to Friday

e-Payment Purchase Amount Free Parking Hour(s)
$100 or above First hour
$200 or above First 2 hours

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

e-Payment Purchase Amount Free Parking Hour(s)
$150 or above First hour
$300 or above First 2 hours

Redemption Procedures

Customers who spend a specified amount via electronic payment methods (including: credit card, EPS, Octopus, Alipay, WeChat payment, Tap & Go, Apple Pay, Android Pay or Samsung Pay) at two different stores/restaurants/outlets at Papillons Square may redeem two hours of complimentary parking. To enjoy this privilege, customers must present valid invoices* (minimum HK$100 per invoice) from the two stores/outlets/restaurants, the original corresponding electronic payment transaction stubs and proof of parking at the time of purchase at Papillons Square.

Redemption Time

10:00 am to 10:00 pm

* The purchase amount, store name, store address and date of transaction must be clearly stated on the invoice and must match with that of the electronic payment transaction stub. Ticket (including concert tickets or admission tickets) invoices, bank bills, insurance bills, estate agency company bills, exhibition and temporary exhibition booth invoices, receipts for all monthly bills (including telecommunications services, government public bills) Such as rates, local taxes, etc.), service value-added receipts (including Octopus, Alipay value-added, etc.), withdrawals by EPS, the purchase amount paid by cash coupons/vouchers/pie cards/merchant electronic prepaid cards/members cards/tokens are not valid for the offer. Only original invoices and transaction stubs will be accepted. Copies/Photocopies will not be accepted. The purchase amount is calculated by deducting all merchant cash coupons/coupons, offers, discounts, credit card cash rebates listed on the invoice. As for instalments/deposits, only the amount settled on the same day will be taken into account for the free parking offer.